Quality Assurance, Inc. provides customer relationship management (CRM) services to the automotive industry. Our home office is located in Fergus Falls, MN and we currently operate in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Wisconsin. Our founder/owner has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Business along with extensive quality control and marketing leadership experience in the banking, health care, and sugar industries. This combination has helped propel Quality Assurance, Inc. to a position of superior strength in the markets in which we operate. map

Automobile dealership management choose Quality Assurance, Inc. for their CRM needs because of the customizable, cost-effective, timely, and superior quality services which we provide to our dealer customers. We consistently help our dealers achieve and sustain optimum CSI and customer retention scores. Besides striving to provide the best possible service at the most competitive price, perhaps the most significant attribute that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to utilize significant flexibility in providing CRM services to our dealer customers. We do not use a 'cookie cutter' approach to customer relationship management. Instead, we recognize that management at each dealership has its own set of unique desires and needs for their business growth and retention strategies. Additionally, we use the most sophisticated dealer-end technology in the CRM industry, which further illuminates our four core competitive advantages of flexibility, cost, timeliness and quality.

Our ability to provide superior quality and highly customized marketing and follow-up programs means we can provide an 'in-house' feel without the significant expense and managerial challenge associated with in-house programs. Additionally, dealership management has the expertise of a professional CRM company at its fingertips. These advantages help management efficiently and accurately maximize marketing opportunities and identify areas of non-conformance within their dealership.

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